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1. LUFC Policies & Procedures

Leighton United FC is a club founded upon core principles of fair play, considerate treatment and proactive care for all players, coaches and parents in our teams and for visitors.

Since the very beginning, the club has been committed adopting and adhering to national guidelines for grass roots football providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all players, coaches and parents (ours and visitors) so everyone can participate in youth football in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

Our club proactively reviews and manages our obligations towards our members and we apply our policies and guidelines vigorously and continuously. We treat every incident seriously and deal with related issues promptly and effectively, including implementing remediation club wide where required.

Our policies and procedures set the foundation for how our club is run and how we conduct ourselves on and off the pitch. They also provide a structured framework for how we measure ourselves and how we address issues that may arise during the course of any activities at our site and other venues.

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