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1. Monthly 100 Club Competition

Hello everybody,

As part of our continuing fund raising activities, LUFC is introducing the Monthly 100 Club competition. Every penny we raise is re-invested to give your children a safe environment to play their football and develop as young footballers and citizens.

The Monthly 100 Club is our monthly pool style competition draw where the winners have the potential to receive up to £150 as the top prize.

The Monthly 100 Club is formed of a grid of 100 numbers that are available for reservation (from 1 to 100), with each number costing £5 to reserve. Participants can reserve as many numbers as they want as long as there are numbers available to select each month.

If all numbers are sold the 'Monthly 100 Club' will generate a total of £500 with £250 going to the Club (to be used to provide club facilities for everybody) and £250 goes towards prize money - split into three prize amounts of £150, £75, and £25.

In the event that all the numbers are not reserved (sold) then the total money in the 'Monthly 100 Club' in that month will be split proportionately with LUFC receiving 50% of the pool and 50% going towards prize money (split into similar ratios as a full draw).

To secure your number please email providing:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Choice of Number (if not available nearest will be offered)
  • How many months you want the reserve number(s)
  • What LUFC team you are connected to

You will need to pay within 48 hours of emailing to guarantee your number reservations (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED WHEN PAYING) and either;

  1. Use PayPal and send the money as a gift to using "100 Club xxMONTHxx xx xxTeamxx" as the ref
  2. Transfer to Leighton United Football Club 401930 81538667 using "100 Club xxMONTHxx xx xxTeamxx" as the ref
  3. Pay at the Tea Bar in the LUFC Club House

With your help we should sell this out every month easily.

The next draw with be held the last Sunday of month and will be drawn by 2 Committee Members.

Good luck everybody.